Membership fees are listed below. Fees cover membership for one year from the date the application is approved and membership is granted.


Corporate Membership allows for companies to become Registrant Members of the GIIC and include the GIIC Registrant Member logo on websites and marketing materials. Three members of staff are permitted to act as company representatives and can describe themselves as GIIC Registrant Members. Additional staff may also join at a fee of £300 per individual. This option is most suited to companies that primarily advise or provide financial and legal services related to investor immigration.



Individual Membership allows for an individual to become a GIIC Registrant Member and describe themselves as such in their biography, profile or resume. This option is most suited to self-employed practitioners or advisors, or individuals providing investor immigration services within diverse firms which may not be interested in Corporate Membership.



Academic Membership is available to individuals, institutions or academic bodies focusing on research and analysis related to investor immigration and global citizenship. Academic Members are exempt from agreeing to the GIIC’s Code of Conduct, but are highly recomended to read and understand it in order to better understand the GIIC’s commitment to best practices and ethical conduct.