GIIC featured in International Adviser: Ten of the world’s most popular investor immigration schemes

With investor immigration programs rapidly rising in popularity around the world, the Global Investor Immigration Council publishes its latest report giving an overview of a number of investor visa schemes. 

“We are in the middle of a surge in popularity for investor immigration programmes,” says Paul Flude, executive director of the GIIC.

It is investors from China, the Middle East, Russia and former Soviet states that have been the main drivers of this growth over the past five years, he says.

Despite demand being partly due to political instability and uncertainty, Flude argued that many investors are largely motivated by visa-free travel and international mobility.

The GIIC cited Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America as regions that have a large potential for growth when it comes to investor immigration initiatives.

In its latest report on the past, present and future of investor immigration programmes, the organisation summarised some of the schemes in various regions around the world.

This article was originally published in International Adviser by Katherine Denham, and can be found here.