St Kitts and Nevis: New anti-corruption leader of Caribbean island vows to clean up trade in passports for super-rich – Prime Minister Timothy Harris admits he is unsure of how many passports have been issued under the CBI program, but is committed to finding out, commenting, “I hope that we can have a look back over the applications – or as many of them as we can find – and begin to document that, so that those statistics can be made to people in a reasonable time [but] within four months we could not undo what was done over 20 years.”

White House Releases ‘Modernizing & Streamlining Our Legal Immigration System for the 21st Century’  – Report specifically addresses the EB-5 program, recommending enhancements to avoid fraud, abuse, and criminal activity; measures to ensure that the program is reaching its full potential in terms of job creation and economic growth; and policies to streamline the program to make it efficient and stable for participants in the program, including petitioners and Regional Centers.

Rich and American? Australia wants you – Australia has launched its Premium Investment Visa (PIV), initially targeting wealthy Americans. The PIV requires A$15 million in investments but has no physical residence requirement, whereas the existing two-year-old Significant Investor Visa (SIV) has a minimum of A$5 million in investments but requires at least 40 days residence per year.