Our mission

The Global Investor Immigration Council is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization addressing the opportunities and challenges of the movement of immigrant investors and global citizens.

The GIIC works to protect the reputation of the investor immigration industry and serve as solid ground for the development and maintenance of best industry practices. It is a self-regulatory organization and recognized global representative and proponent of the industry.

The GIIC engages with all constituents of the investor immigration industry to ensure ongoing success and stability.


The GIIC aims to ultimately become the global self-regulatory body for the investor immigration industry. Governments, the public and all industry participants should be confident that GIIC Members are held to a higher standard.

As its membership grows, the GIIC will enforce more strictly its Code of Conduct and begin to audit its Registrant Members to ensure they act in abidance.

In addition, the GIIC will introduce education and training programs for its Registrant Members, to ensure they are kept up-to-date with changes in regulations and industry best practices.


Primary services of the GIIC include:

  • Protecting the reputation of the industry and developing and maintaining best practices
  • Advocating transparency and ethical conduct in the industry
  • Disseminating information about global migration trends
  • Offering information on second residence and citizenship planning strategies and service providers
  • Providing advice on government policies related to investor immigration programs